Saturday, December 5, 2009

1 Million Poems

I accidentally deleted my twitter account. I am sorry for any inconveniences. I applied for restoration but it is not working right now. I will notice everyone when I get back!!!

Hello, we are trying to make a E-Book which includes 1 Million poems. We are looking for creative individuals who would like to lend us their talents by giving us their poem in under 140 characters . Just send me your poem to my email address or direct messages through twitter. You can add your name, nick name, e-mail address, home page address, picture...etc if you like. But these are optional.

1.Follow us on Twitter
2.Send your poem to our email address (
) or direct message using Twitter which is under 140 character ( It can be little bit longer if necessary. But under 140 is encouraged ) and your name which will be published on the e-book. Optionally, you can add your picture, e-mail address or anything you would like to publish. Please title your e-mail as "1 Million Poem Project"*

The e-mail should be like this...

title: 1 Million Poems Project Required
your poem ( under 140 characters ) Required
your full name ( if you would like to remain anonymous or use your pen name, please type "anonymous" or "your pen name" after your full name ) Required
your twitter name Optional
any information to be published Optional

3.We will put your poem on our blog at 1 Million Poems List

4.We will publish the "1 Million Poems" when we get 1 million poems.
*We do not hold any responsibility for any issues that your submission may cause.

To see the poems that are already submitted, please click here.

-Your poem will be read by more than 1 Million People, so be creative.
-One poem per person

-Please write in English or if you want to use another language, provide an English translation of your work ( But the English poem will be listed first )

Please Read These Guidelines Before You Participate-----------------------------------------------
*By participating in this project, you agreed to all the following guidelines. Additional guidelines may be added as needed without notice. So please remember to periodically reread the following.
*You agree to give us your ideas to be used for the purpose of writing this book.
*You also agree to allow us to publish your name (or your information) when the book is published. If you do not want your name to be shown, you must notify us saying you would like to remain anonymous. In which case your poems credit will be written as "anonymous" where your name would be.
*You agree not to put product placements, brand names, or suggestions to copyrighted material.
*You agree that 1 Million Poems will not share your personal information such as name or e-mail address with any other third parties.
*You agree that if any unforeseen circumstances may arise where we are unable to publish the book that we hold no responsibility to refund any donations that may have been collected. But we will do our best effort to publish an honest book.
*Your Ideas must be completely original.
*You are forbid to violate others privacy by any personal details, such as names or information that could harm others physically or mentally.
*You agree to turn over rights for us to publish your poems and receive any profits from any sales connected with your poems. But you still own the right to use your poem in any way, shape, or form in the future.
*You agree that if any poems that do not follow these guidelines or poems that we see as unfit are submitted, we hold no responsibility to publish them.


After I get 1,000 poems, I will choose one winner who wrote the best poem to receive $50! The recipient must have a paypal account. All first 1000 poems will be automatically eligible.

If you do not have a paypal account, please sign up from the bar below. It is free!

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